Corporate Architecture

The corporate market has specific demands. Alignments with international standards of the brand. Concerns about the well-being and physical-mental health of the team. Ensuring an increase in productivity and tangible savings for institutions. Always in constant technological and behavioral evolution

Duomo has been working since 2001 in projects and works for corporate spaces. Delivering not only efficient offices, but positive experiences during and after its works, with a time of cohesive partners and aligned with the company’s corporate values. Always in constant evolution on the most up-to-date market trends.

Latest Projects

Architecture Portfolio


Duomo was challenged in this process to intervene in the current facilities of Schlumberger’s headquarters in Rio de Janeiro – built by D + E Turney in 2018. How to include a new concept of architectural innovations in a space with a more conservative profile separated from it?

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After a long process of choosing the site, Duomo was the winner in this competition to design the new headquarters and studios of this French digital multinational that has a global network of brands and services in the entertainment universe, producing content for communities in love with cinema, games, cuisine, eSports, glamour, health and lifestyle….

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In February 2021, Duomo Architectura, through architect Leonardo Villela, completes the Continuing Education course at Academy of Applied Neuroscience to Architecture. During more than a year we learned the influences of themes such as biophilia, colors, shapes, sounds, aromas. Did we learn or did science show us? Because we all have different feelings and certainties…

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Since 2005, Duomo has been Equinor’s architecture office in Brazil. These are years of harmony, evolution, learning. Being the official architecture office of a Norwegian multinational in Brazil keeps us in constant and direct evolution and communication with the international corporate architecture market. Both by the client, who introduces us to ideas and applications in…

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What we do?


We carry out new studies, cost estimates and manage the reform. We are updated with market news and solutions that will increase your productivity.


We elaborate Corporate Architecture projects with models, animations and detailing of decorative items. Resulting a complete set of plants, including, for competition works.


We offer complete turnkey solution. From the test-fit to the delivery of your office completely ready to work.

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We suffer from high fidelity. Our team, suppliers and clients form a unique and special community to deliver each project.
Leonardo Villela
Architect and Partner of the Duomo

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