Duomo is a company specialized in corporate architecture. It focuses in the creation of corporate spaces aiming at the best visual and physical comfort to the users of such areas.

The partners

Leonardo Villela Ahmed

Leonardo Villela Ahmed is an architect, graduated in 1996 from Integrated School Bennett Rio de Janeiro and has also a MBA degree (in Business Management). He worked in architectural projects of commercial buildings, interior projects for corporate, as well as, a resident architect at construction sites.

Maria José Castro

Maria José Castro is an architect, graduated in 1976 from the Federal School of Architecture and Town Planning of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. She has since 1985 dedicated her career to interior projects for corporate, having executed to completion over 3,000,000 sq ft.

The Team

Caio Costa


Hélio Alves

Encarregado de obras

Júlio César Castro

Obras e TST

Leonardo Villela


Maria da Glória


Maria José Castro


Quenia Mara

Obras e TST

Thalita Leite


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Our commitment

Conceive and implement projects that reflect the client’s corporate image ensuring functionality to the business to be conducted in specific spaces. Integrate aesthetic, flexibility, appropriate use of technology, furniture and finishing materials, aiming at the best visual and physical comfort to everyone who uses that area.

We are committed to differentiate ourselves in the market, by the interaction and the quality of service in supporting our clients, from the preliminary discussions on their needs through the project to operational completion.                                                                  


  1. Duomo supports the companies in searching for areas to set up their offices and elaborates preliminary layout alternatives that allow them to proper visualize the best fit for their needs.

  2. After the space has been chosen, Duomo analyzes the physical and technological conditions of the area to be occupied.

  3. The company needs are analyzed through the knowledge of all relevant information regarding organizational structure, the interaction among its departments, eventual future expansions and the required special and support areas.

  4. The architectural project is developed based on mobility, interaction, operational efficiency and productivity of the functional areas, always emphasizing the corporate image. Special attention to the compatibility of the technical projects configures a set of information essential to the successful project execution.

  5. The Implantation Management, on the TurnKey model, gives costumer support, since procurement of services and materials specified on the project until moving, managing suppliers, costs and terms. There is also the option of a single invoicing process, as Contractor.

  6. Duomo is recognized in the market for being a company that makes a difference regarding the support given to the client. After the corporate space delivery, a qualified professional is designated to perform inspections and any eventual necessary repairs.


A Super Obra - Teaser Infrastructure

A Super Obra - Teaser Demolition

Enterprise Architecture - Work in 63 days Time-lapse

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