Portfólio da Duomo

Project Awarded by the XI Grand Prize of Corporate Architecture. Read more.

The primary concept of the project of the Brazilian Institute of Petroleum, Gas and Biofuels – IBP as the home of the industry. Place of exchange of experiences among associated companies focused on the development of the sector, where they can coexist services, products and activities characteristic of the organization.

The challenge of separation and synergy between public and private areas. Private areas with open space workstations, management rooms and internal meetings. Public spaces with library, rooms for courses and meetings of technical commissions. Partitions that retract to house major events, shared with smaller spaces of meeting and coexistence. Access and circulation of employees and visitors defined with rigor.

The main focus of the project was the adaptation of the public areas to IBP’s mission: “To promote the development of the national oil, gas and biofuels sector, aiming at a competitive, sustainable, ethical and socially responsible industry.” That is, to provide flexible spaces for courses, technical meetings and events of various sizes as well as areas for facilitating collaborative and individual work modes. Aiming that the members feel at home in the new headquarters of IBP.

Vídeo do projeto IBP