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Corporate Architecture

D+E Soluções em Turnkey is a seal of union between Duomo Architectura and E+Office. It’s not a social reason. It is a joint venture between two companies that have been operating for 20 years in the corporate architecture segment. We unite our core competencies. We associate the same identities and cultures, enhancing an exclusive and professional service.

Through this union, we share our obligations. The Projects, Management and Construction stages are more valued and integrated. With professionals and teams dedicated to each process. These are two companies that have shared the construction site for 10 years. Constantly evolving. D+E is the formalization of this progress. It’s addition and division. It’s stress-free work.

Who is behind the D+E?

Leonardo Villela Ahmed

Leonardo Villela Ahmed

Leonardo Villela Ahmed is an architect, graduated in 1996 from Integrated School Bennett Rio de Janeiro and has also a MBA degree (in Business Management). He worked in architectural projects of commercial buildings, interior projects for corporate, as well as, a resident architect at construction sites.

David Robson Vieira de Sousa

David Robson Vieira de Sousa

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What we do?


We elaborate Corporate Architecture projects with models, animations and detailing of decorative items. Resulting a complete set of plants, including, for competition works.


We carry out new studies, cost estimates and manage the reform. We are updated with market news and solutions that will increase your productivity.


We offer complete turnkey solution. From the test-fit to the delivery of your office completely ready to work.