Portfólio da Duomo
Aker Solutions

Our challenge was to prepare the second project at Edifício Manchete, in the Gloria neighborhood, Rio de Janeiro. The building was designed by Oscar Niemeyer in 1965 and is listed by the Historical Patrimony.

The basic premise was to keep the facade clear by opting for open space workstations. Aiming not to interfere, respecting the original architecture of the building and providing the maximum enjoyment of the beautiful landscape of Praia do Flamengo. Restrict closed rooms to available spaces between the two elevator blocks, stairs and toilets on the back facade.

The project was conceived from the geometry of the façade of the Manchete Building and the defragmentation of the Aker Solutions brand composed of regular quadrilaterals. Reflected in the layout, in the choice of workstations in platform, in the design of the carpet and in the glass of the partitions.

To mark the uniqueness of the company were used brand colors. The orange, new technologies, applied in the work positions, aiming to awaken the mind and help in the assimilation of new ideas. The blue, oil, inducing tranquility and harmony in the lounge.

Fotos do Projeto Aker Solutions