Portfólio da Duomo

Project and management of the works of the new headquarters of Technip Brasil, occupying 23,800 m2 in the Condomínio Centro Administrativo Cidade Nova – Rio de Janeiro.

The big challenge was to bring together five existing offices, in different places of the city and under different conditions of occupation of the spaces, in a single headquarters.

The first step was to translate into layout a unit of jobs and areas of common use that reflected the image of the company’s new moment in Brazil and lead to the goal: “One Technip”.

Areas of coexistence, transition, common use and focus rooms were created in order to minimize the sensation created by the extension of pavements and the number of jobs. At the same time facilitating interaction and privacy.

Step two, work the office’s visual identity so that all employees feel like they belong to the same company.

Vídeo do projeto Technip